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Menu of Wine Grapes
Price List 2014
Prices subject to change.

Prices below are based on “ full barrel ” pricing. If you are making less than a full barrel, divide prices accordingly and add a $30 share fee. ( Share fee is additional cost, per ¼ barrel, for making less than a full barrel.) Prices are based on 53 gallon barrels; 60 gallon - add $120/barrel. Prices include all filters required per barrel.

Please feel free to ask about any other grapes or blends not listed.


Premier buttery, golden, full-bodied California varietal.
Chenin Blanc
Fruit & lightly sweet grape. Used for Chablis or blending white wines.
Malvasia Bianca
Varietal producing mostly sweet wines. Great for dessert wines.
Excellent sweet grape used in dessert and sparkling wines. Can be blended to make a dry wine.
Pinot Grigio
Pinkish-white grape producing an excellent crisp white wine.
White grape producing a sweet, perfumed white wine.
Sauvignon Blanc
Grape producing a crisp, full-bodied wine with fruity, herbaceous character. Great blended with French Columbard.
Rare varietal producing a perfumed, elegant wine.


California Blanc
1/3 each French Columbard, Chenin Blanc & Muscat
Pinot Grigio/ Chardonnay
60% Pinot Grigio/40% Chardonnay. Excellent blend and a favorite of everyone!
Sauvignon Blanc/French Columbard
70% Sauvignon Blanc/30% Frrench Columbard... A favorite with MaryAnn & Sally
Viognier/Steely Chardonnay
50% Viognier/50% Steeley Chardonnay
Wonderful unique blend created by the Smock/Hilch team. Has become a big hit and personal favorite of MaryAnn.


Full-bodied grape producing an excellent red table wine.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Top reigning grape producing a dry wine, rich in color, aroma & depth.
A consistently good wine each year.
Full bodied, robust dinner wint. Blends well with Cabernet.
Varietal produces a berry-like flavor making it a distinctive aromatic, spicy, medium red wine. Great for blending with Cabernet.
Petite Sirah
Grape produces a lusty, dry, full-bodied wine. Makes a nice hearty wine.
Pinot Noir
Variety known to produce a rich, noble wine.
Ruby Cabernet
Cross between Cabernet Sauvignon/Carignane producing a dry,fruity wine.
Grape dominant in Chianti and is recommended for Zin or Cab blending.
Cousin of Petite Sirah making it a full-bodied red wine. Great for blending.
Versatile grape that produces a powerful, but supple, black pepper, ripe cherry and blackberry flavored wine. Just ask Tommy Madden! OLD VINE OR BETTER!


Barbera/Petite Sirah
80% Barbera/20% Petite Sirah…A great Italian blend... Willie's Favorite!!
50% Nebbiola, 40% Barbera, 10% Petite Sirah...Big Favorite!
Bordeaux Blends
Various combinations of Cabernet, Merlot, Cab Franc & Malbec.
Blend of Grenache,Cabernet,Petite Sirah & Alicante...
60% Cabernet/40% Merlot. Excellent blend... Classic Bordeaux...
Cabernet/Syrah & Cabernet/Cabernet Franc
70%/30%... Wonderful blends.
Cab/Merlot/CabFranc blend. Another excellent Bordeaux blend...
60% Merlot/40% Cabernet... Lighter blend than Cabernet/Merlot. Very Pleasant.
Red Blend
A delicious fun wine blending Alicante, Petite Sirah, Carignane & Muscat.
Sinatra Blend
1/3 ea. Cab, Merlot, Cab Franc...Frank loved it and now so do we!
Super Tuscany Blend
50% Sang, 25% Merlot, 25% cab...A Chianti with a kick!
60% Tempranillo 30% CA Cab/10% CabFranc. Jim's favorite Spanish blend.
Willie’s recipe of an even blend of Cabernet,Merlot,Sangiovese... This is one Great Vino!!!

*Other Red Blends are available upon request*


CHILEAN GRAPES: +$240/barrel
You will be notified of available grapes in March/April 2013.

$2340.00 for 53 gallon barrel

Lanza & Amador +$365/barrel
Special Pricing on other Regions.

Reserved Wines: $300.00 per barrel per year.

Used French Oak, 60 gallon:
Purchased from CA wineries, 2-3 years old

New American Oak, 53 gallon:
Quality white oak from Ozarks
Kelvin, 53 gallon
Kelvin, 60 gallon


Used American Oak:
Kelvin, 53 gallon
Kelvin, 60 gallon

ReCoop French Oak
(Barrels are slightly larger; there will be an additional wine charge of $150)
Totally reconditioned and toasted.
(New French oak barrels would cost $900)

Barrel Rental per year:


1/4 Barrel yields approx. 60 bottles
1/2 Barrel yields approx. 120 bottles
A full barrel yields approx. 252 bottles

Note: 60 gallon barrels yield approx. 10%-15% more.

  • Bottles, corks and capsules are an additional cost $10.45 per case of 12; $0.50 per set of cap/cork.
  • Your custom labels can be ordered on our website $0.50 per label + $10 setup for less than 120 of the same label.

Ask about making wine for your wedding day!

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